ISIS Tired of ‘Religion of Peace’ for Islam, Says ‘Religion of Democrats’ More Accurate

MOSUL – Leaders of terror group ISIS, not ISIL, feel that the worn out motto for Islam – the “Religion of Peace” – no longer adequately describes Islam as a whole. They have decided a more accurate and marketable name is “Islam: Religion of Democrats.”

Admitting they do nothing to make Islam “peaceful,” they said the move just makes sense from a recruiting standpoint. Citing President Obama’s constant sympathizing with jihadists, and a commitment to the religion of political correctness to the point of excusing Muslims from any appearance of wrongdoing, the group said it was obvious to them that Democrats have embraced Islam.

One ISIS leader said, “After Democrats denied God 3 times at their convention in 2012, we knew that was our opening. Couple that with the mainstream media arm of the Democratic Party, constantly covering for Islam, trying to explain away the relation between the religion and acts of violence in the religion’s name, and it was a no-brainer – no pun intended for my latest beheading victim.”

Islam is now the official religion of the Democrats.



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