Pelosi Paints Bleak Life Without Obamacare

WASHINGTON – Nancy Pelosi has never been one to exaggerate, embellish, lie, or scare-monger on any issue she was defending during her never-ending political life in this town. OK, that’s not true. It’s just the first joke about Nancy in this article.

Pelosi is in “the sky is falling!” mode, as Republicans FINALLY seem to be ready and able to trash the disaster known as Obamacare. Nancy, of course, is an expert on the wonder of Obamacare because she never read it. But that hasn’t stopped her from fiercely defending the program.

Miraculously, Pelosi was able to cite the story of a person who would potentially suffer if the program were repealed. What are the odds? And she made dire predictions like “You want grandma living in the guest room? Repeal Obamacare.” Hey, I loved my grandmothers!


Here are some other hellish, nightmare predictions Nancy says our lives will become if Republicans and Trump get their way:

  • Women will not even be able to afford wire hangers for their back-alley abortions. They’ll have to start using paper clips.
  • Without free birth control pills, millions of women will have to take out a second mortgage to be able to afford them.
  • MRI’s will have to be performed by sketch artists, doing their best to determine and draw what’s going on inside the body.
  • Millions of working Americans who got screwed with high premiums and unrealistic deductibles will get relief – Nancy hates this!
  • Mental health professionals will diagnose crazy people on a sliding scale, comparing them to Democratic politicians.

It’s not known what Republicans will replace Obamacare with, at this time. It doesn’t really matter though. Nancy understands they’ll have to pass it to see what’s in it anyway.


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