Perv Al Franken: The Video Was Funnier, Shows Me Saying Honk, Honk

MINNESOTA – Senator Al Franken, busted today for a photo showing him groping Leeann Tweeden in 2006 while she was sleeping on a flight back from the Middle East, says the public would get the joke if they could just see the video of the incident.

“The photo alone makes me look really creepy and perverted,” Franken admitted, “But the video is what everybody needs to see. It’s much funnier. Right after the shot in the photo was taken, I said ‘honk, honk!’ as I squeezed my hands over her breasts. It was priceless!”


Al thinks America would cut him a break if they could see the incident in proper context. “Look, she had already rebuffed my open mouth kiss during a skit onstage. She owed me…..Al Franken. I don’t even know why people are making such a big deal about this. I’m not a Republican.”

The senator also said that if anyone doubts that he’s a straight-up gentleman, and always treats the ladies right, they should ask his best friend Fred Garvin, male prostitute, about his integrity. “He’ll vouch for me,” Al said.

Fred Garvin…..male prostitute.



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6 Thoughts to “Perv Al Franken: The Video Was Funnier, Shows Me Saying Honk, Honk

  1. Well, I for one busted out laughing when I saw the picture! Imagine, Al Franken getting any from ANY woman, much less someone as nice looking as Leeann! THAT was funny!!! The mere fact she was sleeping shows that Franken would probably have gotten a spiked heel to the groin had she been awake…and most likely should have!

    1. E. Williams

      Hopefully, his political career is about to get its spiked heel to the groin.

        1. E. Williams

          LOL! Anytime

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