Pokemon GAL Hits Market for Adult Gamers

Pokemon Go fever has swept the nation, and it’s more than a little embarrassing. A game that was meant to be enjoyed by children and teens, Pokemon Go is now being played by millions of 30+ aged men who should know better.

The game sends players out into the wild world in search of make believe creatures. Lovers of the game say it is great because it’s getting kids off the couch and learning to walk outdoors again. Sweet! But what about those older dudes people have seen chasing the little virtual monsters around on their smartphones?

Pokemon GAL sounds like it’s made for girls. It is not. Pokemon GAL (Get – ALife) is designed to remind those older players that it’s time to grow up.

Pokemon GAL is designed to look and feel just like the real game but, instead of finding a little pokemon, pictures of things like testicles pop up – reminding the adult male to grow a pair. Some players will see $ icons, reminding them it’s time to stop playing games and go back to work.

Some screens will light up with a picture of a woman or young people, reminding the player that they have a spouse and family. Others who persist in playing the game will receive messages like “Do you realize how pathetic you look?” and “This is why you can’t get a date.”




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