Poll: Democrats Rate Chants As Biggest Threat To Mankind


NORTH CAROLINA – Following President Trump’s latest rally here, new polling of Democratic voters suggests that ‘chants’ are now the number one threat against every living creature on the planet. Chants of “Send her back!” by the rally crowd sent Socialist Democrats into all-out panic mode.

The chant was referring to anti-American congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s past remarks, but the Party and media decided it was based instead on racial bias.

According to a Gallup flash poll taken after the rally, ‘chants’ have surpassed climate chaos as the main issue that keeps Lefties up at night. The poll sampled 1,035 registered and likely morons to get the following results:

As a Socialist Democrat, what are the biggest threats facing our world today?

74% – Chants by Trump supporters
19% – Climate chaos
4% – Trump tweets
2% – National debt
1% – Don’t know, don’t care

A masked Antifa leader put it this way, “Sticks and stones may break our bones, but words are even worse.” He went on to explain that the chants were shocking because “Republicans are not supposed to fight back. We play the race card and they cower in the corner. That’s how this works.”

CNN’s Don Lemon said Thursday night, “For his supporters not to understand why chants are today’s equivalent to slavery, and how ‘send her back’ and ‘lock her up’ means they hate every person of color, on this or any planet, well……I have no words. Also, I want to point out that anti-police chants by the Left are perfectly okay.”


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