Possible Pseudonyms Used by President Obama in Hillary Emails

WASHINGTON – In case you’ve been too distracted by the riots in Charlotte, the FBI had another one of their “don’t look at these” document dumps on Friday afternoon. This time, revealing that President Obama not only knew about Hillary Clinton’s private email setup, but he used a pseudonym (false name or alias) to communicate with her to avoid detection.

Hard to believe, but your president lied to you AGAIN last year when he tried to tell America that he only learned of Clinton’s secret email practices from news reports at the time. Busted. AGAIN.

The FBI hasn’t released the nickname the president used, but here are a few possible email pseudonyms that were most likely used by President Obama to escape public scrutiny – capital letters have been inserted for ease of reading:

  • KingDivot@
  • MomJeansRcool@
  • I_I_I_I_I_I_@
  • BlackishJesus@
  • SouthsideBullshitter@
  • JVteamCoach@
  • FatherofISIS@
  • IapologizeforUS@
  • SmoothCriminal@
  • TopGunSalesman8Years@
  • WizardofUhhhhz@
  • FreshPrinceofBillAyers@
  • NarcissismIzUnderrated@
  • RealMenHaveBigEars@
  • ATM4Iran@




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5 Thoughts to “Possible Pseudonyms Used by President Obama in Hillary Emails

  1. Sorry to say you missed one, ol’ friend! How about IReelySUK! ?

    1. E. Williams

      The list is endless, I tell ya!

  2. Joe Armideo

    “Waste of time is in the eye of the beholder!” and douchusbagus imbecilicus is in the head of the libtard LMMFAO!

    Seems that Robert here not only has too much time on his hands and felt the need to rebuke you, Eric for OBVIOUS funny SATIRE but also seems to have his hands full with something else. To quote Bugs Bunny, “what a maroon,” making an accusation like that when it’s obvious satire and plastered ALL OVER THE PAGE and is part of the name of the blog, smack dab in the middle of the URL! LMAO! Hmmm . . .me thinks me detects quite the libtardedness in Robert! Must have hurt his wittle fewings! You may have invaded his “safe space” mentioning that the Onion is penned by a bunch of sneaky libturds. Whoops, you didn’t quite say that did you BUT I JUST DID!

    BTW Robert, I just spent a few minutes of my time amusing myself at your expense without what you are holding in your hand!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!

  3. Robert

    E. Williams has too much time on his or her hands. You would be better off writing books on political satire that way I know where you’re coming from. But trying to pass this crap as factual well, I say you are targeting weak & gullible minds, to me it’s a waste of time or could be you’re just trying to amuse yourself.

    1. E. Williams

      Waste of time is in the eye of the beholder, Robert. One question…Does every post from The Onion come with a headline that says “This is from The Onion?” No, it doesn’t. There are weak, gullible minds out there – as you well know – but that’s not my fault. Btw, if you were to notice the source, listed in each post, you’ll see that it says satire right there in the address. The Onion doesn’t even do that.

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