President Trump Embarks on Journey to Explore Aja

AIR FORCE ONE – As President Trump heads to the ‘ring of fire’ region of the world, he explained the reasons for his first official trip to the Far East. Trump has always had an affinity for Steely Dan’s Aja (pronounced Asia), and he really wants to delve deeper into the significance of the 1977 album.

“I’ve always loved Aja. Heck of an album. Did you know the late great Phil Hartman designed the album cover?” the president asked. “I really love the fusion of jazz, pop and rock those cats produced. The conceptual framework of their music really stretches you, and their intellectually self-conscious lyrics were always obtuse and cynical. Cool stuff. Cool stuff.”


Trump said that with 2017 being the 40th anniversary of one of his favorite albums, it just made since to take a trip to Aja. “And with the untimely death of my dear friend Walter Becker, who co-founded Steely Dan, I felt I owed it to him. I’ve noticed the world is a little less funky than it was before he passed.”

Through his trip to Aja, President Trump has the chance to meet with leaders of South Korea, Japan, China, and even Russia’s President Putin. Asked if he plans to spend time with any of them, Trump said, “If any of them can get me in touch with Josie, Peg, or Deacon Blues, I’d be happy to meet with them. I guarantee one of them knows what happened to that Black Cow.”


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