President Trump to Give State of The Onion Speech Tuesday

WASHINGTON – Next Tuesday, President Trump will give the American people an update on the state of the satirical website The Onion. The annual State of The Onion address will give the president an opportunity to explain the differences between satire and fake news.

A number of Democrats in Congress have already announced their plans to boycott the president’s speech, citing their lack of a sense of humor as the main reason. Some media members, including Joe Scarborough and Mika, Joy Reid, Chris Matthews and the entire CNN lineup, will attend – hoping to gain insight into why everybody is always making fun of them.

From Davos, Switzerland, Trump said, “As you now, with so many having Trump Derangement Syndrome, the country has gotten so screwy that it’s really tough for The Onion and other satire sites to be appreciated for what they produce. Many people have a knee-jerk reaction and want to lump them in with fake news, but there is a difference.”

First Lady Melania telling the president about a recent article she read on The Barbed Wire about Hillary Clinton.

The president is expected to remind the nation that simply judging a headline, and not reading the attached article, then commenting on the article, is intellectually lazy and a practice he does not condone. Trump hinted that, “CNN’s Jim Acosta, and others like him, are trying to mislead their viewers. The Onion is using humor to make a point, to get a laugh, but is not expecting the reader to believe that what they are reading is the honest truth.”

Trump then pointed out that while he doesn’t agree with The Onion’s left-leaning political slant, he appreciates what they do. “Personally,” the president said, “I prefer The Barbed Wire. Their satire isn’t bad at all.”


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