Pretend Scientist and Pretend Sane Person Meet At SXSW

AUSTIN – In a fairy tale meeting at this year’s SXSW event, a man who pretends to be a climate expert and a woman who pretends to be a sane person – as well as a climate expert – got together to showcase their stupidity.

Bill Nye the Science? Guy, and socialist darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dazzled a SXSW crowd with apocalyptic stories about climate change and how, together, they could combine their powers to save the world. Wonder Twin powers, activate!

“She blinded me with science!” Nye exclaimed after hearing AOC speak. “I thought I knew my climate stuff. I had no idea I knew less about it than a bartender!”


Cortez reminded the progressive audience that nobody understands global warming/global cooling/climate change better than she does. She even referred to herself as “Captain Marvel” twice during her remarks.

As the pair posed for pictures after her appearance, a cow wandered up and said “Pull my hoof” to Alexandria. The climate guru was reportedly not amused.

Finally, the pair joked with each other about how easy it was to get young people to buy their climate bullsh*t. Then Cortez stepped in a pile of it that the cow had left behind for her. Only at SXSW.


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  1. Anonymous

    These two make a great couple, of morons.

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