Some Progressives Unaware ‘The Purge’ Was Just a Movie


WASHINGTON – Apparently, many on the left were not aware that The Purge was just a movie, and is not a thing in real life. The shooting of a congressman, and other Republicans, by a crazy progressive, shows us that.

Many in the fascist antifa movement even dress just like characters from The Purge movies. And based on their actions, they act like “purging” their enemies is an actual event.

The left has tried to turn the spotlight back on the right, blaming President Trump’s rhetoric for their craziness. It just doesn’t fly. There’s a difference between a “punch that guy” remark and killing people, or pretending to behead someone you don’t agree with.

Nancy Pelosi is taking the violence in stride. “I’ll be honest, this is the one time that I was hoping the shooter was a Muslim, and not one of ours. We’re trying to rebuild our brand, and this certainly isn’t helpful. So, I’ll just say some crazy crap and blame the president until people forget about this one.”

Pelosi had no comment when asked if she understood The Purge is just a series of movies. Playing stupid has worked wonders for the House Minority Leader throughout her career.

In the meantime, the 4th Purge movie is set to be released next summer, and progressives are hoping it will be titled The Purge: Republican Annihilation.


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  1. Purge? Nancy Pelosi? Stupid Comments? Hmmm….Nah…too easy!

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