Proof Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is REALLY All About Free Stuff

BRONX – In a wide-ranging Q & A session following a recent fundraiser for the Socialist Democratic Party, bartender slash economic guru Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told an audience just how much she loves free stuff. Call it her Bill Clinton “boxers vs. briefs” moment.

Below are some of the questions asked by event attendees, followed by her response in commie red:

What’s you favorite word? Freebie.
What’s your favorite Tom Petty song? Free Fallin.’
How would you describe your supporters? Free loaders.
One more on music. What’s your favorite rock anthem? Freebird.
Do you have a rallying cry for Democrats this year? Olly Olly oxen free!
What are your least favorite words in the English language? Free market.
Which one or two words best describe your own personality? Free wheeling.
What gum do you prefer to chew with those giant horse teeth of yours? Freedent.
Do you hate people who don’t buy your socialist crap? It’s a free country. For now.
Are you a vegan or do you eat meat? I occasionally eat chicken, but only free-range.
Thoughts on Ted Nugent? Hate his politics but, of course, love his song Free For All.
In your opinion, what would really make America great again? A free ride for everyone.
What do you offer your critics as a way of getting them comfortable with your brand of socialism? A free trial.


At the conclusion of the session, Cortez said her hope was that as the media continues to pound the Russian collusion story with regard to President Trump, it will distract Americans from the infiltration of real commies into the Democratic Party.



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One Thought to “Proof Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is REALLY All About Free Stuff

  1. N. Williams

    I bet if Ms. Cortez was asked if there was a “Free” word she didn’t like, it would be “Free-dom”….

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