Psaki: Door-To-Door Vaccine Gestapo May Also Check Your Facebook Page For Disinformation


WASHINGTON – Biden spokesgal Jen Psaki clarified remarks she made the other day regarding social media platforms doing the administration’s bidding. Psaki previously said the White House was telling Facebook to ban whatever content they deem to be disinformation or “problematic.”

Today, Jen elaborated on their plan. “We don’t expect Facebook to be able to catch every post we deem offensive or inaccurate. So what we are considering, is having our door-to-door vaccine gestapo also check your Facebook page while they’re there. It won’t be intrusive or anything. When our people knock on your door to shame you for not getting vaccinated, they’ll have you enter your password and log on to your Facebook page. Then, they’ll scan about 10 of the latest posts on your page to make sure you haven’t posted anything we don’t like. That’s it. No big deal.”

Fox News’ Peter Doocy then asked, “Don’t you think this plan sounds like something that would be carried out by a socialist regime?”

Psaki responded, saying, “What’s your point, Peter? I mean, they’re already there. They’re already at your house at that point. If you’ve got nothing to hide, you’ve got nothing to be worried about, right?”

Biden himself said, “Facebook is killing people by allowing disinformation to circulate.” Let me guess, Joe. Disinformation is the greatest threat America has faced…..since the Civil War. Right?


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