Rare Sighting Of Weeping RINO Filmed In Its Natural Habitat During Jan. 6th Hearing

weeping RINO

WASHINGTON – Video emerged today of a “weeping RINO” during Nancy Pelosi’s stage play titled The Jan. 6th Commission: Insurrection!  The footage showed a pathetic RINO, in its natural habitat, tearing up as it encountered Capitol Police actors. The performance was beyond cringe-worthy.

As the RINO addressed the coached actors, it began to cry as if on cue. Some viewers bought the performance, however. The eyes of numerous Democrat viewers welled up at the sight of the weeping RINO. They were obviously moved.

Jussie said he found Kinzinger’s fake tears to be very convincing.

The play was set in a swamp. Oddly, there were two RINO’s in the spotlight, one male and one female, but only the male beast was crying. This was a sight rarely seen in nature. A creature called a ‘Schiff’ also teared up, but he’s a crying jackass. Those are much more common.

Adventurer Bear Grylls spoke about the rare sighting. “I quite liken this to a Loch Ness Monster sighting. It’s not uncommon to come across a RINO in these parts, but to see one crying just to aid its sworn enemy, that’s a rare moment indeed.”

Grylls said the weeping RINO was a “Kinzinger RINO,” a species that originated in Illinois. He described the Kinzinger as a loathsome, self-serving creature. In addition, Kinzingers are not very bright, making them excellent useful idiots for Democrats.


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