Reacting To Latest CNN Ratings, Talking Heads Laugh Until They Cry

NEW YORK CITY – During a segment on Don Lemon’s show last night, the host and two guests were responding to the latest ratings disaster for CNN programming. The numbers were so dismal that all the three talking heads could do was laugh until they cried.

“I can’t believe we’re still a network!” Don Lemon said between laughs. “Thank God for airports or we wouldn’t have jobs!” His two guests broke out in laughter.

Guest Rick Wilson, a Never Trumper, at one point tried to talk about Trump supporters in a derogatory manner, when Lemon broke in. “At least they’re smart enough to not watch the crap we air here every day!”

The three laughed harder after Don’s comment. Lemon then had to pull out a tissue to dry his eyes and wipe away his tears. The three continued to make fools of themselves, despite the fact that few people were watching.


In a Brokeback Mountain moment, Wilson started speaking in a southern accent, which seemed to turn Lemon on. The three continued to yuck it up for several more minutes, wondering aloud how much lower the network’s ratings could go.

Actually, if you never bought into the BS that CNN passes off as legitimate news, their low ratings are pretty funny.


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2 Thoughts to “Reacting To Latest CNN Ratings, Talking Heads Laugh Until They Cry

  1. Lol! These people are insufferable.

    1. E. Williams

      That’s the perfect word for them, Tricia.

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