Real Housewives Of Game Of Thrones Trounces GOT8 Ratings

WESTEROS – The Game of Thrones final season premier was a ratings juggernaut for HBO. That was before the after show – The Real Housewives of Game of Thrones. Tens of millions tuned in to watch the drama, backstabbing, and alliances of their favorite women from the show.

In tonight’s episode, Cersei Lannister couldn’t deal with the fact that Queen Daenerys found her white overcoat ‘off the rack’ at a Valyrian discount market. “She can afford whatever she wants. I couldn’t bear to show my face in one of those common places,” Lannister moaned. “Our Seven Kingdoms Mall is very upscale. It’s the only place I’ll shop.”

“She’s just jealous cause she’s got no dragons,” Daenerys responded. Meanwhile, the dragon mom had trouble understanding why Sansa Stark was being so catty at a get together the ladies attended. “She has the nerve to ask ‘I mean, what do dragons even eat?'” Daenerys whined in a mocking voice. “She knows that! That’s common knowledge. Bitch, please.”

Tyrion Lannister was asked about the women’s behavior in tonight’s episode. “As I’ve said many times, I have a tender spot in my heart for cripples, bastards, and these bitches. Though they can be so stuck on themselves that it makes it hard to love them.”

The Stark sisters continued to gossip about Daenerys and Jon Snow’s torrid love affair. Arya Stark is particularly good at throwing daggers when she doesn’t approve of things.

The cattiness continues next week.


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