Russia Threatens To Invade Ukraine Unless Spotify Cancels Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan

MOSCOW – Everybody’s favorite threat this month is to demand Spotify cancel Joe Rogan or they’ll do something. Mostly, it’s been musical dinosaurs threatening the music service with pulling their song catalogs from the platform. All because they say podcaster Joe Rogan is spreading disinformation about Covid-19.

The most recent threats have come from Dr. Neil Young, formerly of the clinic named ‘Dr.’s Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.’ Also, Dr. Barry Manilow, Dr. Peter Frampton, and Dr. Joni Mitchell have demanded Rogan be silenced. We believe they’re doctors because they believe they know more about the virus than Mr. Rogan.

Now, Russia is threatening to invade Ukraine if Spotify doesn’t cancel Rogan. President Biden says it’s Russian President Putin’s number one demand. If Spotify de-platforms the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, then and only then will he recall his troops from the region.

Meanwhile, the world (especially Ukraine) waits for Spotify to make the next move. So far, the plucky streaming service is standing its ground. At issue is who gets to be the arbiter of what’s disinformation and what isn’t?

Is it disinformation or datinformation? Is it misinformation or Miss Information? And can you really trust Russia, or people who make crappy music, to make those decisions? We think not.

These so-called artists claim the podcaster is causing people to die by promoting conspiracy theories. But if you can make it through listening to a Neil Young or Joni Mitchell song without wanting to take a swan dive into a wood chipper before the song ends….you’re better people than we are.


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