San Franshitsco Receives 16,000 Feces Complaints In Last 7 Days

NANCY PELOSI HQ – City officials here have logged over 16,000 complaints from residents about the place going to feces due to an out of control homeless problem. Quickly becoming known as The Shitty By the Bay, San Franshitsco is a shining example of what a turd liberalism really is.

Pelosi’s Poop Patrol reported many more complaints were received that contained other terms related to feces. Ever since the governor declared California a sanctuary port-a-potty in January, the homeless, illegal aliens, and bucket poopers have been stinking up the place.

Pelosi reminded reporters that “It’s more important to us that we have a sanctuary city over a sanitary city.” So many people have been dropping deuces on area sidewalks that pedestrians have been forced to walk in the street in some areas.

This man hates his life right now.

“Butt truffles, dookie-doos, brown dragons and shitsicles are all over the place, man,” one local told us. “It’s disgusting. My wife and I are moving out of the area because of it. You’ve heard of Skid Row? We call the place ‘Skid Marks Row’ these days.”

The city doesn’t appear to be in a hurry to clean up the problem either. It seems that everything progressive California government touches turns to….you know.


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