SCOTUS Rules ‘This Whole Constitution Thing Has Been Done To Death’

WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court ruled Friday afternoon that following the Constitution has run its course. A majority of justices, including so-called “conservative” justices, decided that voter fraud in US elections is no big deal.

Chief Justice John Roberts declared, “This whole following the Constitution thing has been done to death. So Democrats cheated with mail-in ballots and rigged voting machines? If Texas doesn’t like that, they should cheat harder next time. I thought they did everything bigger in Texas anyway?”

New justice Amy Coney Barrett said, “I didn’t feel comfortable getting involved. I just got here, you know? It was so much easier to look the other way.”


Justice Elena Kagan said, “Empress Kamala has informed us that voter fraud is a figment of the imagination of some. I believe her. Why should she lie about that? She’ll be our first female Supreme Leader! I’d also like to take this opportunity to send my early condolences to the Biden family.”

Justice Steven Breyer was asked what he thought of the Supreme Court being relegated to the dust bin of American history. “Sounds about right,” he replied. “We had a good run, though. I’m just doing my job!”

Not even hearing the Texas lawsuit against illegal voting procedures in other states is telling. The Court is letting Democrats know that all future voter fraud is cool with them.

After dismissing the Texas case, Justice Sotomayor sent the Constitution to Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office, with a directive that she do to it what she did to President Trump’s last State of the Union speech.



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