Seattle Federal Judge Rules Patriots Super Bowl Win Unconstitutional

SEATTLE – The celebrating by New England Patriots fans will have to be put on hold after a federal judge, and Seattle Seahawks fan, ruled that Tom Brady’s comeback victory is probably unconstitutional. Parades, parties, and cars being set on fire all over Massachusetts will have to wait for now.

Judge James Robart, appointed to the bench by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, stated in his ruling, “The fact that the Atlanta Falcons held a nearly insurmountable lead well into the second half, combined with the rare overtime win by Tom Brady and his Patriots, is likely to cause irreparable harm to Falcons players, their fans, and the city of Atlanta.”

Washington State’s Attorney General further explained, “Can you imagine the euphoria experienced by the Atlanta players when they thought they had that game won….only to have it snatched away from them in overtime? In fact, we believe overtime in the Super Bowl may even be illegal. We’re continuing to look into that.”

The decision will likely be decided at the Supreme Bowl in the near future. Patriots coach Bill Belichick feels confident his team will prevail, and that Tom Brady will be inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame before he even decides if he’s going to return to play again next year.


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