Skip 2020 Debates? Biden Says He Hasn’t Skipped In Years Due To Mobility Issues

skipped debates

DELAWARE – Due to his questionable mental competence, Democrats are freaking out over the possibility of Joe Biden debating on a stage with President Trump. His supporters, including the media, are now urging Joe to skip all debates. Period.

Biden says he can’t do that. “I haven’t skipped in years. It’s harder to skip when you get older. I wish my handlers would be more understanding about that. A few years ago, I could walk briskly, trying to make it look like I was jogging with Barack. But I don’t think I could’ve skipped even then. You know, your mobility isn’t what it used to be. That’s just life.”

Biden appeared nervous the last time he tried to skip in public.

The New York Times tried to clarified to the presidential candidate what the advice meant. “We’re urging VP Biden to ‘not participate’ in any debate with Trump. Maybe we should have been more clear in our writing. We’re certainly not suggesting Mr. Biden prance, hop, romp, or even cavort in any manner with regard to presidential debates. Hopefully, this clears things up.”

After having the Times’ clarification explained to him, Biden responded, “Oh, hell no! I have no plans to attend a debate against the president. Are you crazy? I couldn’t read my notes. I might not be provided with the questions ahead of time. I might forget where I am, who my VP pick is, and why I’m even on the ballot. Yeah, that’s one kind of skipping I can definitely do. I’m sorry, I misunderstood.”


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