SNL Elizabeth Warren Now Leading Real Life Elizabeth Warren In Polls


NEW YORK – Though she’s actually an actress, the Saturday Night Live version of Elizabeth Warren is now out-polling the real deal. SNL star Kate McKinnon appears to be a more relatable persona than the multi-ethnic senator from Massachusetts.

In fact, the SNL version has reduced the former Indian squaw’s position in national polls for the 2020 Democratic nomination so much that the real Warren has slipped to 4th or 5th place in many polls.

Here are the latest Zogby, Gallup, and Real Clear Politics averaged results, as of 11/5/2019:

Joe Biden  28%
SNL Warren  24%
Bernie Sanders  18%
Mayor Pete  12%
Real Warren  10%
Harris, Klobuchar, Yang, Booker, Castro, Gabbard  Fighting over the scraps

Prior to this weekend, the real Elizabeth Warren had been polling a strong second to Biden, and even had the lead in some polls. That was before she started talking numbers like $52 trillion for her healthcare plan.

Real Warren casts spell over town hall crowd, telling them trillions grow on trees.

At least SNL Warren was honest enough to tell Saturday Night Live’s audience that her “trillions” numbers were just pretend. Supporters seemed to appreciate the straight shooting of the SNL version.

A Democrat in the show’s audience said afterwards, “We Democrats aren’t the brightest bunch. And now we have 3 versions of Elizabeth Warren to decide between. You’ve got Kate’s (SNL) Warren, real but phony Liz Warren, and real fake-Indian Liz Warren. You can see how that’s going to split up her support. When SNL Warren said her numbers for paying for everything were all made up, that really resonated with me and my progressive husband.”



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