SOTU Biden: We’ll Have To Go Back To Masking If Putin Launches Nukes


WASHINGTON – Miraculously, masks are no longer needed at President Biden’s State of the Union speech. Dr. Anthony Fauci says Biden’s words and intentions have defeated the coronavirus. However, the world has a new virus to be worried about – Vladimir Putin.

The Russian virus has been alluding to using nukes against those who defend Ukraine, as he tries to takeover that country. President Biden was asked by reporters if Americans should be concerned about a nuclear attack. Biden said “No” and walked away.

The American people breathed a collective sigh of relief. Joe says no so we must be in good shape. But the president stopped short of saying masks would not be needed again. He later told aides that Americans would have to mask up all over again if Putin called his bluff and launched an attack.

Jen Psaki told reporters, “You can take your masks off….but keep them handy. If Putin does attack, you’ll need to mask up again. Those face diapers will protect you from radiation fallout as well as they protected you from the coronavirus.”

Reportedly, President Biden will tell the country tomorrow night that after surviving his first year as president, nuclear war should be a cake walk.


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2 Thoughts to “SOTU Biden: We’ll Have To Go Back To Masking If Putin Launches Nukes

  1. I live about 4 miles from Luke Air Force Base, where they train pilots from all over the world on how to fly F16’s and F35’s. We are a primary target. Will my mask work if they nuke Luke? Or should I worry about something else?

    1. E. Williams

      I wouldn’t worry. Joe will calm all your fears tonight with his speech, I’m sure.

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