SOTU: World Waits To See If Biden Can Say ‘State Of US Is Strong’ Without Laughing

without laughing

WASHINGTON – Vegas bettors are saying odds are against whether President Joe Biden can actually say “The state of our union is strong” at the end of his State of the Union speech this week, without laughing. Previous presidents have used the tagline, but Biden’s presidency has been a trainwreck.

The president is a known liar, but even many Democrats doubt he can pull it off without laughing. “I can see him following the line with a smirk. You know, that crooked smile he flashes sometimes? But is a smirk not considered a laugh? The odds-makers may want to clarify that for us. Personally, I’d laugh. No question,” said a Democrat voter from Maine.

The United States is currently broken and wandering aimlessly under Biden – anything but strong. But when confronted with that fact, Biden officials think you’re joking. Everything is wonderful in their deluded minds. So, Biden may be able to read the line off the teleprompter without laughing. (Unless the teleprompter says ‘Insert laugh here’)

The other unknown is whether his audience in Congress will be able to keep from laughing after hearing Biden say the line. No doubt millions will be laughing from their homes. Sadly, thanks to those who voted for The Delaware Dud, the joke’s on us.


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  1. That’s ALMOST worth watching. Thank God it’s always at the beginning of the speech. I am running out of wine!

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