Study: More Efficient for Celebs to Flush Cash Than Donate to Democrats


LOS ANGELES – A new study confirms it is more efficient for Hollywood elites to flush their political donations straight down the toilet, rather than donate to the Democratic party in an attempt to buy seats in Congress.

While celebrities view their outside donations as an investment for their warped ideals, the study says there is at least some entertainment value in watching cash circle the toilet until it disappears.

In contrast, there is no joy in giving millions of dollars away, only to watch your candidate go down in flames on election night. *Note – the study shows that this practice DOES provide great entertainment value to conservatives.

Celebs like Chelsea Handler, Lena Dunham, Mark Ruffalo, Katy Perry, Alyssa Milano, George Takei and many others, are advised that throwing cash into trash cans, or tossing currency directly into fireplaces, are the next best alternatives to flushing.

Finally, loss after loss against the Trump Train is damaging to elites’ mental well being. And many celebs don’t have much of this to begin with. So flushing money down the toilet will result in less mental anguish.

Go ahead, Hollywood. Put your fingers on the Handel and flush away.


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