Symbol for Hillary Administration to be the Hammer and Pickle

hammer and pickle

NEW YORK – The Clinton campaign has announced that, should Hillary go on to win the presidency, the symbol for her administration will be the hammer and pickle. The move is a nod to the old Soviet Union’s “hammer and sickle” logo, a symbol near and dear to Democrats’ hearts.

“It just seemed like the perfect theme,” Clinton communications spokesman Brian Fallon explained. “The hammer is the tool we use to destroy Hillary’s electronic equipment, so evidence of wrongdoing is damaged beyond repair. Also, if Hillary doesn’t get what she wants as president, she won’t hesitate to bring the hammer down.

The pickle symbolizes Hillary’s show of strength on Jimmy Kimmel’s show recently where she opened a pre-opened jar of pickles on the air. That performance dazzled and inspired millions of her supporters, and put fear into the heart of Russia’s President Putin. There will be no reset button this time around.”


In addition, once elected, Hillary will stop caring about those whose votes she sought previously, and her motto for the peasants will be, “Let them eat pickles.” The hammer and pickle logo will appear on special flags flown at the White House, and on vehicles in the presidential motorcade.

hammer and pickle


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3 Thoughts to “Symbol for Hillary Administration to be the Hammer and Pickle

  1. Well, I’ll say this…Hillary looks like she’s been eating a LOT of pickles lately. I read somewhere that over the past year she’s packed on an additional 47 pounds! Maybe that’s why she’s not been seen in public in two weeks…she’s shopping for a larger size pant suit!

    1. E. Williams

      You may be right, o wise one.

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