Syria Strike Reminds World What a P*$$y Obama Was


FREE WORLD – Opinions differ on the motivation for, and the repercussions of, President Trump’s ordered military strike on Syria this week. Many world leaders applauded his move and believe the attack sends America’s enemies a strong message.

The main person who hates Trump’s show of force is Barack Obama. The world has been reminded what a p*$$y Obama was. The former president always had too much estrogen in his system to deal with the Syria problem.

No one wants the Syrian situation to escalate beyond this point, but many are happy that there is once again some testicular fortitude in the White House. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow said she wonders if President Trump ordered the Syrian airstrike just to make Obama look like a p*$$y. “I wouldn’t put it past him,” she said.

Fox News’ Juan Williams doesn’t appreciate President Trump reminding everyone what a p*$$y Obama was. “I don’t understand where this bravado from the Trump administration is coming from. Why can’t the president telegraph to the world what his military strategy is ahead of time, like President Obama did?”

Meanwhile, Mr. Obama is hanging out in French Polynesia, working on his memoirs, which will no doubt remind all of us what a success he believes he was in dealing with Syria.


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2 Thoughts to “Syria Strike Reminds World What a P*$$y Obama Was

  1. Just a thought…how much do you think it would cost the United States to pay French Polynesia to KEEP Obama? Just sayin’!

    1. E. Williams

      Whatever the cost….it would be a bargain for us.

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