Man Ignores Chick Brawl, Takes Ordering Taco Bell to Next Level

catfight Taco Bell

UNKNOWN – A cell phone video has surfaced showing an unknown man casually ordering his meal at a Taco Bell drive-thru while, at the same time, he records two young ladies taking it to the ground in the parking lot. And the man keeps his concentration like a boss! Who says men can’t multitask?

For your viewing pleasure, the video is provided below. The man is recording the women yelling at each other, when the Taco Bell employee rudely chimes in asking for his order – temporarily breaking his concentration. But he recovers nicely.

His subconscious mind questions whether to tell the employee to call the cops or order. Judging by their behavior, he bets these two girls hate cops anyway. So, in a nanosecond, he snaps back and orders several chicken soft tacos.

He’s even forced to make a decision as to which type of chicken he wants as the melee continues into the hair-pulling phase. At one point in the video, you can hear the TB employee ask him, “Would you like a catfight with that?” to which the man replies, “No thanks, I’ve already got one.”

Still recording, with the women fighting on the asphalt now, he doesn’t know how long this fight may go on. Three soft tacos might not be enough. He mans-up and adds a diet Pepsi and a chicken quesadilla to his order. Sadly, the video stops before we find out who the victor was, but some sort of law enforcement showed up in an attempt to untangle fingers from weave.

The man is obviously an air traffic controller or a Navy submarine commander to maintain this kind of focus. Most lesser men would have said, “Yeah, can you give me a minute?” and waited to see how the fight turned out. Enjoy…



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