Texas Democrats Take Inaugural Flight Of Coward Airlines To DC

Coward Airlines

AUSTIN – Texas Democrats took the first flight on Coward Airlines on Monday, as the fledgling carrier made its debut. The airline touts itself as “the choice of cowards and anybody looking to shirk their responsibilities.” The skittish politicians were fleeing their responsibilities to vote on a voting reform bill in the Texas House. The inaugural flight from Austin to Washington, D.C. was mostly uneventful, though pilots did announce they were having to fly lower to avoid turbulence and/or encountering any rogue quorums. Coward Airlines looks to cater to deadbeat…

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New Un-American Airline To Fly America-Hating Dems To Foreign Countries

NEW YORK – President Trump is helping to fund and launch a new carrier that will predominantly relocate American-hating, progressive Democrats to other countries. The new venture will be called Un-American Airlines. Representatives AOC, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley have been offered free, first-class seats on the inaugural flight later this year. Un-American Airlines will cater to those on the radical Left of today’s Democratic Party. All flights will be piloted by illegal aliens. In addition, the entire fleet of aircraft will use racism as fuel because, while…

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United Airlines Flight Latest to Get She-Jacked


HOUSTON – United Airlines has had a rough 2017, just ask their passengers. Some have been beaten, dragged off and bloodied for attempting to fly on the airline. Now, the sky has a new menace; She-Jackings. Last week, air traffic controllers at Bush Intercontinental Airport were notified that United Airlines flight 788 had been She-Jacked. A She-Jacking is defined by the Federal Aviation Administration as “an incident in which a racist member of Congress, named Sheila Jackson Lee, commits an act of entitlement against passengers on a commercial flight.” Jackson…

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