Al Gore’s Latest Dire Predictions to Promote New Climate Movie

LOS ANGELES – In an effort to drum up curiosity for his An Inconvenient Truth sequel, self-appointed climate expert Al Gore gave an audience his latest predictions for our world over the next 5 years – if climate change does not immediately become the #1 priority for every nation on Earth. “I’m not trying to scare you just to scare you,” Gore told a crowd at a recent climate conference here. “In my Inconvenient Truth sequel, you’ll realize that I should have made the movie Waterworld instead. If we don’t…

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Susan Rice to Star in Upcoming Al Gore Film “An Inconvenient Sleuth”


WASHINGTON – Now that her cover has been blown, former Obama partner in crime, Susan Rice is headed for the big screen. Al Gore, the creator of climate change scam films “An Inconvenient Truth” and a soon to be released sequel, has hired Rice to be the lead in his next film, “An Inconvenient Sleuth.” Rice has apparently fancied herself a stealthy detective during her time in the Obama administration, sticking her nose into places within the intelligence community where it doesn’t belong. It’s come to light this week that…

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Obama on Internet Giveaway: “Al Gore Can Invent a New One”

WASHINGTON – In case you haven’t been paying attention, the United States is just days away from handing over control of the internet to a multi-national body and, once completed, the move is irreversible. Critics say the giveaway will stifle free expression and censorship will become prevalent from countries who do not share our values. America has been the overseer of the internet basically since its inception about 20 years ago. But, as with most every other issue he gets involved with, President Obama doesn’t seem too concerned about it.…

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