NYT Flirts With Writing Factual Story, Won’t Commit Just Yet


NEW YORK – The New York Times, long known as “the newspaper of record (players)” in this country, is toying with the idea of using facts in their articles. The bold move is under review by upper management at press time. “Staff has been confused about this possible new approach, so we’ve brought in so-called journalistic experts to try to explain what changes this would entail,” a Times spokesman said. “I don’t know if it’ll take or not. It’s pretty drastic.” The paper has received significant backlash over its recent…

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CNN Reports On Day 1 of CPAC: Ovens, Sacrifices, and Canned Hunts

MARYLAND – After the first day of big-name conservative speakers, and an extremely enthusiastic audience, the CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) is off to a scary start. In case you missed it, CNN has released their report on the event based on accounts provided by network reporters who attended the conference. “The annual convention of conservatives got underway today, with festivities that turned out to be every bit as horrifying as many had feared. Kellyanne Conway spoke to the crowd in the morning, sending chills through the conference as she…

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New York Times Changing Name to WikiTimes to Gain Credibility

NEW YORK CITY – The New York Times has been lining the bottom of countless bird cages for decades now. The paper used to be “all the news that’s fit to print,” but the tagline has morphed into “all the news we decide is fit to print” over the years. “The Gray Lady,” a nickname for the Times¬†for many years, has become “The Gray Jackass” in a nod to the mascot of the Democratic Party, as well as a reference to how they report the news these days. And their…

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