Fired FBI’s Andrew McCabe Begs Deep State Gods For Help

WASHINGTON – On Sunday, just two days after being fired from his post as Deputy Cover-Up Chief for the FBI, Andrew McCabe was seen leaving the Church of the Deep State, with his wife at his side, and hurrying into an awaiting vehicle. McCabe had been praying to the Deep State Gods of DC in hopes that they could save his career and his pension. Arizona senator Jeff Flake was in the congregation and overheard some of McCabe’s prayers. “It was hard to hear everything over James Comey’s constant sobbing,…

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Congressman Conyers’ Pastor: I Said Put Hands Up ‘High,’ Not Thigh


DETROIT – Even the biggest gropers in our society know not to grope in church. Most of them know, anyway. Representative John Conyers, congressman from Detroit since the Middle Ages, has a new accuser who says he put his hand up her skirt during a church service. Conyers’ pastor wondered if the congressman may be hard of hearing. “I remember that sermon, and I clearly said to the congregation, ‘If the spirit moves you to, put your hands up high,’ not ‘put your hands up thigh.’ Personally, I don’t see…

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