Biden Going After Baby Formula Fat Cats, Toddlers Who’ve Cornered Formula Black Market

baby formula

WASHINGTON – President Biden held a baby formula summit today to address the worsening shortage gripping America. Joe met with CEO’s of “Big Formula” behind closed doors, locking out the press. A statement was released afterwards that shed light on the meeting. President Biden placed blame for the shortage of baby formula on industry ‘fat cats,’ complaining they were concerned with profits over production. “Come on, man! You guys should be working overtime to make as much formula as fast as you can. We gotta get it out there to…

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WH: Supply Chain Crisis Due To Americans’ Stockpiling Ahead Of Our Next Big Blunder


WASHINGTON – The Biden White House is never to blame for anything. Take the ongoing supply chain crisis that is tying up cargo shipments. Stores continue to deal with empty shelves for some items. And orders for big ticket items like furniture and appliances are taking months to fulfill. At today’s press briefing to update the nation on how nothing is their fault, Jen Psaki set the record straight. A New York Times reporter asked Psaki about shipping delays for large appliances and treadmills. Why hasn’t Biden solved the problem?…

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Biden Wonders Why People So Upset About A Haitian Rodeo

Haitian rodeo

WASHINGTON – President Joke Biden seemed confused today after photos of a US Border Patrol agent wrangling a Haitian border crosser went viral. The officer is on horseback, and appears to be trying to corral a wild Haitian. “I don’t see what all the hubbub is about,” said Biden. “Looks like a good ole-fashioned Haitian rodeo to me. What’s wrong with that?” His spokesgirl Jen Psaki addressed his position to reporters. “While I, Vice President Harris, and many on the Left, are faking outrage over these images of made-up cruelty,…

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Global Whining Over Trump Victory Reaching Tipping Point

GENEVA – A new survey of world leaders, American university students, Democrats, and Hollywood celebrities reveals that the crisis known as “global whining” over the recent victory by Donald Trump to become the next American president, may be close to reaching the point of no return. “There may soon be no hope for many of these people,” the survey researchers explained. “Global whining is one of the most serious threats facing the United States at this time, and we fear the butthurt by the losers who are protesting, rioting, committing…

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