Conservatives Announce Boycott of Activist David Hogg’s Sponsors

FLORIDA – Annoying, gun control boy wonder, David Hogg, has launched a boycott movement against right-wing talk show host Laura Ingraham because she hurt his feelings. And since two can play that game, conservatives everywhere have decided to boycott companies who back David Hogg and his brand of bratty activism. The anti-Hogg boycott will hopefully end up shortening his 15 minutes of fame to 14. We’ve got your back, Laura. Conservatives will no longer be spending their hard-earned money on the following products/brands because of their Hogg ties: Summer’s Eve…

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Gun Activist David Hogg: Don’t Make Me Unleash MY Guns!


WASHINGTON – During his speech at the “Students Are Gun Experts” (SAGE) – which also means wise, knowledgeable, or profound – rally here today, high school anti-Second Amendment activist David Hogg threatened lawmakers with his own brand of justice. “And to all those f***king politicians who would rather take blood money from the f***king NRA than protect school kids by banning all guns from everybody,” Hogg shouted, “don’t make me unleash MY f***kin’ guns! Have you seen my arms?! Trust me, that’s a fight you can’t win!!” The audience went…

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