Biden Appoints Mental Patient To Head New Thought Police Agency


WASHINGTON – Through the Department of Homeland Insecurity, President Biden is trying to start a new agency to censor Americans. The Disinformation Governance Board is the fancy name thought up by bureaucrats to disguise the suppressive effort. Disinformation is defined as “anything that conflicts with a narrative or view supported by a Democrat.” As the ‘Thought Police,’ the agency will determine what is and isn’t acceptable for you to see or hear. Normally, Americans don’t associate the words ‘Biden’ and ‘thought’ together. So it makes perfect sense that the president…

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Psaki: Door-To-Door Vaccine Gestapo May Also Check Your Facebook Page For Disinformation


WASHINGTON – Biden spokesgal Jen Psaki clarified remarks she made the other day regarding social media platforms doing the administration’s bidding. Psaki previously said the White House was telling Facebook to ban whatever content they deem to be disinformation or “problematic.” Today, Jen elaborated on their plan. “We don’t expect Facebook to be able to catch every post we deem offensive or inaccurate. So what we are considering, is having our door-to-door vaccine gestapo also check your Facebook page while they’re there. It won’t be intrusive or anything. When our…

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