News Anchors Can’t Pronounce Name ‘Tara Reade,’ Working With Speech Therapists For Help


NEW YORK – In an incredible coincidence, all news anchors for the major networks, CNN, and MSNBC, admit they’re unable to pronounce the name ‘Tara Reade.’ Reade is the woman who has accused Democrat Joe Biden of sexual assault in the 1990’s. According to Media Matters, it’s some kind of fluke that Fox News anchors have no trouble pronouncing the name. “We can’t explain this one,” the Leftist news company said. They noted that neither Chuck Todd, George Stephanopoulis, Jake Tapper, Anderson Cooper, Joe Scarborough, Rachel Maddow, Lester Holt, Nora…

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President Obama Officially Ends Political Correctness

WASHINGTON (The Barbed Wire) – There was celebrating in the streets yesterday as President Obama unknowingly ended political correctness, once and for all. In his defense for personally not using the term “radical Islam,” the president undercut what had been his most powerful weapon for his entire political life. Political correctness has been a curse on American life for the last 40 years or so, a cancer thrust upon society by the hippies of the 1960’s, after which many worshipers of the religion infiltrated America’s colleges and universities, using them…

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