Fired FBI’s Andrew McCabe Begs Deep State Gods For Help

WASHINGTON – On Sunday, just two days after being fired from his post as Deputy Cover-Up Chief for the FBI, Andrew McCabe was seen leaving the Church of the Deep State, with his wife at his side, and hurrying into an awaiting vehicle. McCabe had been praying to the Deep State Gods of DC in hopes that they could save his career and his pension. Arizona senator Jeff Flake was in the congregation and overheard some of McCabe’s prayers. “It was hard to hear everything over James Comey’s constant sobbing,…

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Three Little Pigs at CNN Lose Jobs Trying to Destroy Big Bad Trump


ATLANTA – Three little pigs who work at CNN have destroyed their own careers while trying to destroy the big bad wolf, President Trump. The arrogant pigs had to resign in disgrace after getting busted for manufacturing bogus stories about the wolf. The first little CNN pig built his stories out of clickbait. He didn’t care if the article was far-fetched, as long as viewers got fooled into clicking on the link. If he could get them to do that, there was a chance they might believe the lie he…

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