Nancy Pelosi Unveils ‘Impeachment Chic’ Fashion Line For Dems


WASHINGTON – High Priestess of The Swamp, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, attended her own funeral this week. But she did make one last fashion statement. She unveiled her new ‘Impeachment Chic’ fashion line for her fellow Democrats. Pelosi showed up for the impeachment vote of President Trump wearing a black number that seemed appropriate for the event. One that marked the beginning of the end of her political career. She explained her fashion choice to Fox News’s Martha McCallum. “Martha, I want to make clear, my new line of fashion-forward impeachment…

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Ted Nugent Schools Stephen A. Smith on Fox News: “I Got You in a Stranglehold, Baby”

NEW YORK – Rocker Ted Nugent and ESPN liberal Stephen A. Smith were guests on FNC’s new afternoon show Fox News¬†Specialists on Thursday, and had a spirited debate about immigration. After Nugent made the point that the media on the Left routinely try to deceive viewers and distort the issue by using only the word “immigration,” instead of differentiating between legal and illegal immigration, Smith conceded that Ted was right. “I got you in a stranglehold, baby. You best get out of the way,” Nugent remarked. Smith’s arguments were flimsy…

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O’Reilly Leaves Fox News, Now Nobody Looking Out For You

NEW YORK – It’s a tough time to be alive. For decades, America could relax at night because Bill O’Reilly and his O’Reilly Factor show were watching out for us. We knew that. It was comforting. But nothing lasts forever, and now you’re on your own. Oh sure, Bill will keep writing his “killing” books. His next is expected to be “Barack Obama: Killing America.” That should be good. But how will people know when/if they’re being pithy enough? Will America dumb down even more without its “word of the…

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Susan Rice Would’ve Gotten Away With It If Not For You Meddling Kids

susan rice

WASHINGTON – You can start to hear the sh*t hitting the fan. Former ambassador and documented Benghazi liar, Susan Rice, has been outed as the villain who “unmasked” President Trump and his aides last year after spying on them. Probably at the request of her former boss, but we’ll find out about that later. Networks honest enough to cover this YUGE story – I’m not talking to you, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC – have now “unmasked” Susan Rice herself as the high-ranking mole in this spy game. And she would’ve…

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Fox News Says Judge Napolitano Benched for “Disturbingly Low Hairline”

NEW YORK – Sources at Fox News Channel are denying reports that popular legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano was suspended from the network because of comments he made regarding former President Obama using British assistance to wiretap President Trump last year. The reality, the sources insist, is much darker. They claim the judge was let go due to his “disturbingly low hairline.” “We overlooked this aspect of Judge Napolitano as long as we could. Don’t get me wrong, he’s brilliant, and a great guy, but he was scaring some of…

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