Biden Administration Secretly Working On Car That Runs On Blame

run on blame

WASHINGTON – President Biden today announced that his administration is working feverishly on a new vehicle that will run on “blame.” Blame is something that is always in abundant supply in Joe’s White House. And despite his miserable poll numbers in every area, Americans give Biden a 96% approval rating on his ability to always blame someone else. There are many problems in the country right now. So far, Biden has attacked each one with pious rhetoric. Surprisingly, none of his words have solved a single problem to date. So…

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Fossil Fool: Kamala Urges Americans To Transition To Space Cars ‘Like In The Jetsons’


WASHINGTON – Democrats in the Biden administration are confused over why Americans are upset about skyrocketing gas prices. There is an easy fix according to the brain trusts of the party. Just get yourself a space car! Before she leaves to screw up the Russia/Ukraine conflict even more in Poland this week, VP Kamala Harris shared her thoughts on our current energy mess. “People, look, just get one of those space cars they zipped around in The Jetsons. They run on renewable energy, they’ll lessen congestion on our roads, and…

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Biden Expects Gas Prices To Drop After 2024 With Republican President

gas prices

WASHINGTON – American president Joe Biden doesn’t care about your high gas prices. And they’re going to go higher thanks to his bungling of the Russia-Ukraine mess. But in a speech to the nation today, Biden said there was light at the end of the tunnel. “We need to be honest,” the president said. “Energy prices are going to keep going up, because I don’t know how to bring them down. Also, I don’t have the time or the energy to deal with Putin. Hell, I was 83 minutes late…

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