After Physical, Media Crushed That Trump Not On Deathbed


WASHINGTON – A dispirited media had to agonize through a nearly one-hour press conference by President Trump’s doctor, in which he informed them the president is in excellent health. Mr. Trump endured a full physical, lab work, and a mental competency test last Friday. After hearing the terrible news (to them) that Trump is not on his deathbed, members of the media relentlessly peppered the doctor with questions they hoped would provoke some tidbit of information they could twist to use against President Trump. Some of the questions shouted by…

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Hearing Health Concerns, Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Resume CrossFit Training

WASHINGTON – Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has heard the concerns over her health coming from those on the Left. Many liberals have taken to Twitter and elsewhere to voice their fears that the elder Justice Ginsburg may have to step down from the Court at some point, leaving her seat open, with her replacement to be picked by President Trump. “I hear them loud and clear,” Ginsburg said from a DC area gym. “That’s why I’ve resumed my CrossFit training program. I’m no spring chicken, but I do…

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Hillary Takes Lead in Presidential Feats of Strength Competition

feats of strength

HOLLYWOOD – After feats of strength, please put all the poor health rumors about Hillary Clinton to rest, once and for all. The woman opened a jar of pickles on Jimmy Kimmel’s show this week. Yes, she was sitting. But this is impressive and could only be pulled off by someone as strong as an ox. It’s common knowledge that it’s impossible for a TV crew to tap around the lid of a pickle jar, or run it under warm water to loosen the seal, to make it easier for…

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