Hillary Blaming Everyone Else for Weiner’s “Cocktober Surprise”

ON HER PLANE – Thinking she had smooth sailing into the White House next month, Hillary Clinton was blindsided by the dreaded “October surprise” that all politicians fear as an election draws closer. She might have thought she was in the clear, having made it to the final week of the month without any bad news coming to light. But in steps Anthony Weiner, with his “Cocktober surprise,” and now all hell is breaking loose in the Clinton camp. Hillary thought she had all the bodies buried well and wouldn’t…

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Huma Abedin: “No More Weiner, It’s Easier Being Lesbian Like Hillary”


NEW YORK – Huma Abedin, the woman with the worst taste in men, and Hillary Clinton’s shadow, has been burned again by her sexting-addicted husband, Anthony Weiner. This makes the third time, and Huma said today she’s had enough. Anthony Weiner has been caught, once again, sexting to a female stranger. This time, while his young son was in bed next to him, and in the picture. So Huma has announced there will be no more Weiner for her. “This is insane. I’m out here trying to help my boss…

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Huma Abedin: “Muslim Faith Helped Me Hold On To My Weiner”

CLEVELAND – After wrapping up a campaign event here for her boss, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin told reporters that it was her Muslim faith that saw her through rocky times with her idiot husband, professional sexter Anthony Weiner. “Truly, the only way I was able to hold on to my weiner during those turbulent times was holding fast to my faith. My religious leaders acknowledged that what Anthony did to me was a dick move, but if I ever wanted to be intimate with my weiner again, it…

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