Weather Channel’s Mike Seidel Caught In Hellish Personal Hurricane

NORTH CAROLINA – Veteran Weather Channel personality Mike Seidel thought he’d seen it all from the storms he’s covered before. Hurricane Florence changed all of that. Seidel spent much of the recent rain event trapped in his own hellish, personal hurricane. Video footage showed Seidel fighting to brave intense storm conditions within a “hurricane bubble.” The Weather Channel describes a hurricane bubble as “a pocket of hurricane force conditions that exist in a 10 to 20-foot radius, while areas outside the bubble experience much milder conditions.” “Hurricane bubbles are pretty…

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NOAA Admits Hurricane Forecast Models Drawn By 3-Year-Old Twins


SILVER SPRING – NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) officials admitted this week that the forecast models used to show projected hurricane paths are actually drawn by 3-year-old twins. Known as spaghetti models, the charts are used to show the public some possibilities the path a hurricane or tropical storm may take. And while most of these models look like they were drawn by a small child, this is the first admission of the practice by NOAA. Bill Steiner, a marine climatologist for NOAA, said his 3-year-old daughters, Sadie and…

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