Ted Nugent Schools Stephen A. Smith on Fox News: “I Got You in a Stranglehold, Baby”

NEW YORK – Rocker Ted Nugent and ESPN liberal Stephen A. Smith were guests on FNC’s new afternoon show Fox News¬†Specialists on Thursday, and had a spirited debate about immigration. After Nugent made the point that the media on the Left routinely try to deceive viewers and distort the issue by using only the word “immigration,” instead of differentiating between legal and illegal immigration, Smith conceded that Ted was right. “I got you in a stranglehold, baby. You best get out of the way,” Nugent remarked. Smith’s arguments were flimsy…

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Trump Drops Border Wall Talk: “We’ll Use Lasers”


NEW YORK – Presidential candidate Donald Trump has updated his vision for solving America’s illegal immigration problem. Trump has been criticized for his talk about constructing a tall wall along the southern border with Mexico. He’s now thinking a little more futuristic. “Lasers, that’s what we’ll use,” the billionaire said. “A wall will look dated and unattractive years from now. And we have the technology to go high-tech in addressing this problem. I believe it would be more cost effective to use an array of lasers, linked together, to form…

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