Felicity Huffman Begins Grueling Sentence At Federal Correctional Day Spa


SAN FRANCISCO – Few hardened criminals come out the other side of a 14-day prison sentence without massive mental and emotional scars. Sometimes, the harm done is irreparable. So is the fear many have for actress Felicity Huffman as she disappeared behind the ivy covered walls of a super-min security day spa in Dublin, California this week. Starting with a strip search to make sure the actress isn’t smuggling Scantron bubble sheets into the prison, Felicity will feel uncomfortable. And there are a number of things to watch for when…

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Judge Bans Anthony Weiner From Ever Using Electronics Again

NEW YORK – A federal judge has banned Anthony Weiner from ever possessing any electronic device that could be used to communicate with another human being. Anthony finds his weiner in boiling water once again, this time for sexting with an underage teen. In his remarks to Weiner, the judge sternly admonished his latest actions, stating, “You have shown for the last time that you cannot be trusted to possess a cellphone, camera, webcam, copier, fax machine, scanner, x-ray machine, or any other electronic device that can be used to…

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