Angry Biden Recalls Republicans’ Use Of Lasers, Nukes During Jan. 6 Riot

angry Biden

WASHINGTON – Calling it “a day that will live in infirmary,” an angry Joe Biden reminded Americans of the dire situation that took place one year ago today. He relived the event that shook Nancy Pelosi, AOC and others to their drama queen cores. “Many of us still suffer scars from January 6, 2021,” the angry president said. “It was traumatic for all of us! We all remember watching in horror as the Republican hordes stormed the hallowed halls of Congress in tanks, others carrying lightsabers, or brandishing nuclear weapons!…

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Dems Propose Sending America’s Most Vicious Warriors To Free Cuban People

WASHINGTON – Democratic leaders today proposed unleashing America’s most fearsome fighters to free the Cuban people from their tyrannical government. The cast of characters include many who still give Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer nightmares. To the modern Democrat, the people who stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6 of this year are the baddest of the bad, the worst of the worst…..since the Civil War. So, as Cubans revolt against a communist government, and hope America can deliver them from evil, Democrats are offering a glimmer of hope. Including a…

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