Looking Back On All the Ways Obama Made America a Better Place

As the Obama’s wind up their farewell tour, it’s time to look back and list all the many ways President Obama made America a better place during his 8 years in office. Below, we’ve compiled a list of major contributions Mr. Obama made to our country, and the many ways he will be fondly remembered for bringing our culture – and the world – closer together: Uh………. Wait, I know there must be something… Hold on… Nope. Sorry.  

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Incident at White House Leaves Obama’s Legacy in Pieces


WASHINGTON – An explosion took place around 1:30 am this morning at the White House and, when President Obama went to investigate, he realized his legacy had been blown to pieces. The president was sleeping when a loud boom sent he and his security detail racing to the Oval Office. According to Secret Service personnel, “It was a mess. Parts of the president’s legacy were on the walls, everywhere. One of our agents threw up at the sight of it. The president is understandably in shock. I don’t think there’s…

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