Gay Community Adopts Easier ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ+ Tagline


AMERICA – Activists in the gay community have finally adopted a streamlined, easier-to-say tagline. The new moniker is more user friendly than the traditional LGBTQIA+ the movement has used recently. “I know it takes a little longer to say every time one refers to someone in the community, but the old one was hard for the average person to remember the order,” said one activist. “And LGBTQ looks like a Russian word or something. Most Americans don’t speak Russian. You can see why this was a problem.” Tori Smythe, a…

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As Biden Fails, Numbers In LGBFJB+ Community Swells To Record Levels


AMERICA – President Biden sucks, most of us can agree on that. His extreme suckage has even created a new social class. The LGBFJB+ (Let’s Go Brandon F*ck Joe Biden+) community is growing exponentially. Sports fans across the country sing his praises during games. LGBFJB+ has begun appearing on t-shirts, signs, etc. everywhere. People want to feel they’re part of something. So, as the president continues to overreach and intrude more into our lives, those who realize how bad he sucks needed a unified voice. The + at the end…

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