Trump Eats Bowl Of Covid, Chugs Gallon Of Liberal Tears Just Before Discharge

liberal tears

WALTER REED – Just before being discharged, President Trump requested one last hospital meal before heading back to the White House. The president is being discharged following a successful treatment for Covid-19. Trump requested ‘a heaping bowl of coronavirus and a gallon of liberal’s tears.’ The president said he’d gotten quite an appetite during his stay and that Walter Reed Hospital has excellent chefs. According to his chief-of-staff Mark Meadows, “The president scarfed down the entire bowl of the virus. He washed it down by chugging the entire gallon of…

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Rick Perry Confirms Liberal Tears to be Used in Fracking Process

WEST TEXAS – Now that President-Elect Trump has named former Texas Governor Rick Perry as his choice to run the Energy Department, you can be sure that many oilfields will be getting very busy starting in 2017. Perry plans to expand drilling and fracking in many areas as America looks to become more energy independent. One of the problems with the oil extraction technique of “fracking” is that it takes a lot of water to pump into the ground to access harder to reach oil deposits. But, thanks to the…

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