Louisianans Grateful Biden Not Calling Shots For Hurricane Ida Evacuations

Hurricane Ida

BATON ROUGE – Millions of residents across the state will thankfully survive the incoming wrath of Hurricane Ida. And after his Afghanistan disaster, most of those Louisianans are thanking God that Joke Biden isn’t overseeing evacuation plans. The president commented on the storm preparations today. “Nobody asked me for help, which is strange,” Biden told reporters. “I would encourage the fine people of Louisiana to shelter in place until the hurricane passes, and THEN I would urge them to get to safety. Some will tell you that’s backwards, but that…

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Hillary Clinton Avoiding Louisiana for Fear of Drowning

THE HAMPTONS – Tired of hearing about not visiting those suffering through the flooding situation in Louisiana, Hillary Clinton finally admitted why she has avoided the state. She said a trip to the waterlogged area would present a clear and present danger to her safety. “I’m mostly worried about drowning,” Hillary said. “Have you seen the water levels there?! If I fell, I could drown! In case you haven’t been paying attention, I’m not the most agile person in the country. I could go down any minute, and the water…

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