Dem Rep Fredericka Wilson on Being a Jackass: “This Isn’t My First Rodeo”

FLORIDA – Urban cowgirl and democratic congresswoman Fredericka Wilson has stepped in it big time after politicizing President Trump’s private phone call to the wife of a fallen soldier. Wilson was verbally lassoed and hogtied today by White House Chief of Staff, General John Kelly. Fredericka let her hatred for President Trump that has poisoned her mind get the best of her. Now, she’s the biggest jackass in the country for the moment, and in a battle with Texas democrat Sheila Jackson-Lee for the right to someday succeed Maxine Waters…

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Syria Strike Reminds World What a P*$$y Obama Was


FREE WORLD – Opinions differ on the motivation for, and the repercussions of, President Trump’s ordered military strike on Syria this week. Many world leaders applauded his move and believe the attack sends America’s enemies a strong message. The main person who hates Trump’s show of force is Barack Obama. The world has been reminded what a p*$$y Obama was. The former president always had too much estrogen in his system to deal with the Syria problem. No one wants the Syrian situation to escalate beyond this point, but many…

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Trump Sending B-52’s To South Korea

SEOUL – With North Korea’s crazy little boy leader flexing his military muscle recently by launching missiles toward Japan, the United States is sending in the big guns to show support for our allies in the region. President Trump has ordered rock group The B-52’s to South Korea immediately. “I just want them to Roam around near the demilitarized zone, along the Korean border,” Trump stated. “Kim Jong-un will be plenty nervous once he sees our B-52’s positioned so close to his country. That, I can assure you.” B-52 Fred…

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