Media On Edge After Seeing Trump’s CNN Body Slam Video

NEW YORK – President Trump shocked members of the media everywhere today, when he released a parody video showing The Prez body slamming a person representing CNN to the ground at a WWE event. It should be pointed out that most members of the media don’t have a sense of humor. So, of course, they miss the joke and believe Trump is inciting violence against their profession. Below is the released video, followed by comments made by various skittish journalists: From CNN – Jim Acosta – “Was that me he…

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MSM: “And On the 3rd Day, Hillary Rose From the Nearly Dead”


WHITE PLAINS, NY – Hillary Clinton has pretty much nothing in common with Jesus Christ, but that hasn’t stopped her cheerleaders in the mainstream media (MSM) from describing her that way. They’re overlooking the fact that mild pneumonia is a whole lot easier to get over when you never had it in the first place. Miraculously, when reporters rolled the stone away from the front door of her Chappaqua home, Hillary was already on her campaign airplane, eager to take off. All that remained at her house were the wrinkled…

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MSM to Use 4-Minute Cough Delay to Hide Hillary Illness From Voters

Producers from numerous outlets making up the mainstream media (MSM) have decided to use a 4-minute delay during broadcasts of appearances by Hillary Clinton, to shield their coveted low-information audience from learning about illnesses their candidate might have. “We have to do all we can in our power to protect her image,” a CBS producer said. “This delay will allow us to cut away from a sudden coughing fit Mrs. Clinton might have, and we can always just blame technical difficulties. We’ll allow ourselves to look incompetent if that’s what…

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